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Home > About Us > Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences > BLUE Stars - April 2015

BLUE Stars - April 2015

Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences...  At WILLCARE, that's what we do best!  We strive to provide exceptional customer service for all our customers, including patients, their families, physicians, vendors, referral sources, and co-workers.  We view every interaction as a chance to leave our customers with positive experiences that they will never forget. 

Our BLUE program (short for Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences of course!) recognizes those WILLCARE team members who've gone above and beyond to provide fantastic customer service.   Once a month, the WILLCARE employees that best embody the spirit of BLUE are selected to be our BLUE Stars.  Learn more about our April 2015 winners below.

Nominate A BLUE Star

Jennifer Barnes

Scheduling Coordinator
Middletown, NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

A former employee that left the organization due to personal matters, and who worked as a personal care aide scheduled by Jennifer, praised Jennifer's abilities as a scheduler and said working with her was an incredible experience. She stated that she never felt such compassion from an employer, as this employee had faced many personal challenges that affected her availability to be scheduled, and that Jennifer was extremely understanding in accommodating her scheduling needs. She said Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and the level of respect she felt was something she never experienced as a PCA before. Thank you, Jennifer, for creating this experience for this employee.  It's that level of compassion, understanding and RESPECT that truly makes WILLCARE an employer of choice, and maintaining that reputation is an essential part of our overall growth!  Selected 4/2015

Joyce Love

Home Health Aide
Buffalo, NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

WILLCARE received a letter from one of Joyce’s patients:  “On February 22, 2015, multiple rooms in my house flooded due to a pipe that broke just as Joyce's shift was ending.  Joyce stayed after her shift and cleaned up every room that was affected. Joyce is a "STAR" employee in my book.” Great job, Joyce, for going above and beyond!  Selected 4/2015

Judith Oppelt

Personal Care Aide
Middletown, NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

Judith was working with a client who had no water for approximately one month. She was collecting snow and boiling it to wash the dishes and to be able to flush the toilet.  The pipes in the patient’s apartment had frozen, and unfortunately the landlord passed away so there was no one to fix the pipes.  The patient had some extenuating circumstances that prevented him from moving into another apartment. This aide went above and beyond to advocate for this patient.  The APS case worker brought water to wash the patient and spoke very highly of Judith’s work ethic.  Thanks for all you do, Judith!  Selected 4/2015

Jacquelyn Smuda

Physical Therapist
Jamestown NY Certified Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

A patient submitted the following review through our company website, "I didn't know which in-home care company to choose when I was getting ready to leave WCA. I just picked WILLCARE. What a wonderful surprise I received. Each nurse that came to my home was so thorough and thoughtful and kind. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful staff of nurses to care for your in-home patients. While your nurses are wonderful, your physical therapist Jackie is amazing! She helped me not only by showing me exercises to do to strengthen my hip and get me walking again, but she told me what to expect and explained everything that was going on with my healing so I didn't stop doing the exercises when it hurt. She also gave me alternative exercises that worked better for me if I was having trouble with one, so I did them faithfully. I believe I'm walking now and feeling better than before my hip was replaced because Jackie was so amazing at her job. It has only been 5 weeks and I feel good. You have a gem on your staff and her name is Jackie!" Great job, Jackie!  Selected 4/2015