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Home > About Us > Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences > BLUE Stars - January 2015

BLUE Stars - January 2015

Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences...  At WILLCARE, that's what we do best!  We strive to provide exceptional customer service for all our customers, including patients, their families, physicians, vendors, referral sources, and co-workers.  We view every interaction as a chance to leave our customers with positive experiences that they will never forget. 

Our BLUE program (short for Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences of course!) recognizes those WILLCARE team members who've gone above and beyond to provide fantastic customer service.   Once a month, the WILLCARE employees that best embody the spirit of BLUE are selected to be our BLUE Stars.  Learn more about our January 2015 winners below.

Nominate A BLUE Star

Dana Cortright

Payroll/Billing Coordinator
Jamestown NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

WILLCARE received the following nomination from one of Dana’a colleagues:  “I would like to take a moment to recognize Dana Cortright. Dana has never said no to anything I've ever requested, whether  it is within her scope of knowledge or not.  She would always figure it out for me.  She is a rock at WILLCARE and my “go-to” person.  Dana works in a different department and has shown her leadership skills by teaching and guiding me anytime I need assistance.  Dana possesses every quality of a BLUE star and it is difficult to pick just one quality in her.  She is excellent at what she does, she has the integrity of a judge, and she is accountable for not only herself but for those around her. She truly loves her patients, and she has gained the respect of the aides she pays, the patients she bills, and her co-workers and superiors.  She is a true asset to WILLCARE!”  Selected 1/2015

Brenda Velazquez

Director Of Nursing
Middletown NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

One of Brenda’s colleagues submitted the following nomination:  “I couldn't do my job without the support of my nursing supervisor.  She always answers my questions and never makes me feel dumb for asking them.  I've had to call her for help with patient issues and she always does all she can do to help in any given situation.  She truly cares about my patients, and always lets us know that we can count on her and she wants us to progress.”  Thanks for all you do, Brenda!  Selected 1/2015