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Home > About Us > Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences > BLUE Stars - November 2014

BLUE Stars - November 2014

Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences...  At WILLCARE, that's what we do best!  We strive to provide exceptional customer service for all our customers, including patients, their families, physicians, vendors, referral sources, and co-workers.  We view every interaction as a chance to leave our customers with positive experiences that they will never forget. 

Our BLUE program (short for Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences of course!) recognizes those WILLCARE team members who've gone above and beyond to provide fantastic customer service.   Once a month, the WILLCARE employees that best embody the spirit of BLUE are selected to be our BLUE Stars.  Learn more about our November 2014 winners below.

Nominate A BLUE Star

Mary Coverley

Buffalo NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

WILLCARE received the following letter about Mary Coverley: “I feel compelled to write this letter to paint a picture about the kind of employee that Mary Coverley is and has been. Mary’s student received exemplary care at our BOCES site. Mary was dedicated to providing the required skilled nursing services set forth for her student as well as fostering academics in the classroom and taking direction from all of the therapists that worked with her student. As a group of therapists, we knew the three days that Mary was with our student.  We knew that our student would be provided with the best care. Mary would always follow through with suggestions. She felt passionate about working together as a team to provide this child with the best educational experience and a safe school environment. Her upbeat personality and enthusiasm for her job were contagious. She is an excellent nurse. If I had a child that needed skilled nursing services throughout his or her academic day, I would choose Mary to care for my child. Mary is by far one of the most caring, kind-hearted, and gentle souls that I have ever met in my lifetime.”  Thank you for all you do, Mary!   Selected 11/2014

Patricia Coyle-Kane

Physical Therapist
Kingston, NY Certified Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

WILLCARE received a letter from one of Patty’s patients which read, "I am writing to you today to let you know that you have a very special person working for you. Her name is Patty Coyle-Kane, PT. During my long recovery period after total knee replacement surgery, I had the privilege of having her as my Physical Therapist.  Let me just say that she is the BEST THERAPIST that I have ever had, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional in her field.  She knows what she is doing and she also knows how to put a smile on your face and make you laugh when it is needed the most.  I had over 23 surgeries and lots of PT, both in-house and out.   Patty is the best, hands down.  Thank you!"  Thank you Patty for the exceptional care you provide to your patients! Selected 11/2014

Tammy Kucharik

Kingston, NY Certified Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

A co-worker nominated Tammy for taking initiative and working on her day off.  The Kingston Medical Records Staff had a very difficult time obtaining a physician signature on a patient order, so Tammy came in on her day off to personally bring the order to the physician's office.  Tammy stated that she didn't mind that it was her day off because she had to ensure this physician signed the order.  She waited at the practice until the physician signed it, and then promptly returned it to the office. Tammy understands that obtaining signed orders for patient care is just as important as the hands on care itself.   Her initiative was sincerely appreciated in the office.  Thank you for the excellent care you provide all around! Selected 11/2014