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Home > About Us > Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences > BLUE Stars - September 2014

BLUE Stars - September 2014

Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences...  At WILLCARE, that's what we do best!  We strive to provide exceptional customer service for all our customers, including patients, their families, physicians, vendors, referral sources, and co-workers.  We view every interaction as a chance to leave our customers with positive experiences that they will never forget. 

Our BLUE program (short for Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences of course!) recognizes those WILLCARE team members who've gone above and beyond to provide fantastic customer service.   Once a month, the WILLCARE employees that best embody the spirit of BLUE are selected to be our BLUE Stars.  Learn more about our September 2014 winners below.

Nominate A BLUE Star

Stephanie Canales

RN Case Manager
Newburgh, NY Certified Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

WILLCARE received a letter from a patient stating, “In April of this year, I underwent surgery to clean an abscess in the abdominal area, following gastric sleeve surgery three years earlier.  I had abdominal mesh removed from my abdominal wall at this time as well.  I was visited daily by Stephanie Canales.  I want you to know that Stephanie Canales is wonderful!  She is not only personable, but also professional, knowledgeable and caring. I looked forward to her visits.  She made me smile and feel better with her positive attitude.  Stephanie displayed all of the necessary, as well as, exceptional skills to care for "at home" patients.  The healing process became a very positive one with her great care.  She was a joy!  Any patient would be lucky to have Stephanie care for them.”  Thank you Stephanie for being so positive!  You clearly turned this patient’s challenge into a positive experience. Selected 9/2014

Kim Ermo

Personal Care Aide
Kingston, NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

Kim is an excellent aide.  When she arrived to her client’s home, he did not answer the door.  Kim grew concerned because the client was always there to open the door for her.  Furthermore, he always called to cancel.  Kim knew something was wrong.  She immediately notified WILLCARE and asked the building management team to open the door so she could check on the client.  Her instincts were correct.  The client was lying in bed, shaking and moaning.  She immediately called 9-1-1 and stayed with him while he was being evaluated.  He was taken to the hospital and later released.  The client called to thank Kim for saving his life.  Kim is a very caring and respectful aide.  Thank you for all you do, Kim!  Selected 9/2014

Michele Haun

Intake Coordinator
Middletown, NY Licensed Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

Michele has been working tirelessly over the last year on the planning and implementation of the transition to McKesson as WILLCARE’s new supply vendor.   Michele has a passion for what she does and she goes the extra mile to meet and exceed expectations.  She managed to devote significant time and energy to this transition while also fulfilling her regular job duties.  As part of this project, she worked with representatives from each of WILLCARE's offices to ensure that they had input into developing the formulary and also to ensure that they received the training necessary to order and track supplies from the new vendor.  She also served as a liaison between McKesson and the various branches for the purposes of troubleshooting and problem solving.  She developed strong working relationships with the McKesson team and quickly earned their respect.  Even though the transition to McKesson is complete, Michele continues to display the same diligence and attention to detail in overseeing the order process and trouble shooting for our branches.  She demonstrates a true commitment to excellence!  Selected 9/2014

Mary Maziarz

Wethersfield, CT Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

WILLCARE would like to recognize Mary for an unbelievable act of heroism.  Mary was leaving a visit with a patient when she looked down and saw a trail of blood on the ground near her car.  She told a fellow employee that it was a lot of blood, so she followed the trail.  The blood trail led across the street to a nearby apartment.  The door to the apartment was open and Mary could see a man sitting there with, what appeared to be, a femoral artery bleed.  She told another employee, “There was blood everywhere."  There was a girl sitting not too far from the man.  Mary asked if she called 911.  The girl told Mary that the man was a drug addict so it didn't matter.  Mary told her to call 911 and get some towels.  Mary donned her gloves and PPE and proceeded to put pressure on the source of the bleed. EMS arrived and transported the patient out.  Although we don't know the outcome of this unknown man's condition, if he survived, it would be solely due to the act of pure heroism performed by this incredible nurse. Thank you, Mary, for all you do and for helping your fellow man in such an act of bravery.  Selected 9/2014