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Home > About Us > HIPAA / Privacy Statement

HIPAA / Privacy Statement

One of the most valuable assets of any home health agency is proprietary information about employees, clients, care plans, services and systems. Information that is not public is considered proprietary. 

The nature of the health care industry requires, by law, that client and employee information is kept confidential. Normal business operations, as well as client information, must not be discussed outside the office or with persons outside of WILLCARE. All employees are responsible for protecting proprietary and confidential information from release or misuse both during employment and after termination. All staff members are informed of WILLCARE’s policy regarding confidentiality and privacy at the time of orientation and on an on-going basis. All employees must sign a statement acknowledging receipt of the confidentiality policy. Clients and contracting agencies are also informed of WILLCARE’s policies regarding confidentiality and disclosure of client and employee information.

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, imposes standards for maintaining the privacy of individual identifiable information that we work with, transmit, or maintain, regardless of the form. The section of the law governing these standards is commonly known as The Privacy Rule. All employees may not disclose an individual’s Protected Health Information (PHI) outside the guidelines set forth in the law.

Maintaining confidentiality is a serious responsibility of WILLCARE, for without clients and employees, who trust us with their sensitive information, WILLCARE would not be able to continue business or provide jobs. Any breach of confidentiality will be addressed.

Click on our Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.